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Previous Event Recordings

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Pathways to
Financial Wellness
with Dr. Reilly White

Plan Your Retirement
with Dr. Reilly White

Finances for Small Businesses,
with Dr. Reilly White

Midlife Transitions
with Chip Conley, MEA

The Grand Finale: Curating Your Final Act
with Barack Wolff
and Mark Ballard

The Impact of Grief
with Dr. Miquela Rivera

Happiness &
the Art of Flourishing
with Dr. Paul Smith
& Dr. Steve Poland

Flourishing as the Foundation for Greater Resilience
with Dr. Steve Poland & Dr. Paul Smith

Listen to the Wisdom of Your Body: Guided Movement with Julieann Neely

Turning Burdens into Bacon: Financial Strategies for the Sandwich Generations with Dr. Reilly White

Modernize Your Technology Knowledge, Skills, & Apps
with Trish Lopez,
Founder of Teeniors

Triumph: How to Win the Day with Meditation
with Heather Robertson, Founder of Bold Arrival

Exploring the PATH
for Your Future, Part 1
with Dr. Mary Lemmond

Exploring the PATH for Your Future, Part 2
with Dr. Mary Lemmond

More Years in Your Life, More Life In Your Years
with Bob & Elaine Grassberger

Prepping For The Final Chapter